Dephosphorus - Night Sky Transform (7 Degrees Records, 2012)

I wrote about Dephosphorus' extraordinary Night Sky Transform for Metal Bandcamp over here.


easily one of the best this year. I'm finding reviewers and people like you who liked Axiom more particularly interesting as I didn't care much for Axiom but absolutely love Night Sky Transform.

Good words regardless!

atanamar said...

I've been trying to discern exactly what it is about Axiom that hooks me so deeply; there's something otherworldly there, on the very edge of annihilation. I can definitely understand being partial to NST (I really enjoyed your review, by the way). Obviously, I also love this album, but I'm partial to the other. I'm siding with Mr. Childers on this one. ;)

that's right, atanamar. let the anger flow. harness your hatred and strike me down and your conversion to the dark side will be complete.

Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering

I think you pointed out well how much "wider" their sound's gotten. More depth (which doesn't always mean better) and more heft. I like the clean vocals as well and have never thought of this band as a grindcore one... which might help me like NST.

thanks for the kind words, but in all seriousness, i'm your father and i will throw andrew off skywalk now.

Laura "Ballistic" Jones said...

Each album contains exactly one unit of immense quantum gravity:

+ On the verge of an occurence
+ Starless

now you'll see the power of this fully armed and operational grindcore album. oh i'm afraid axiom will be too late to save you.

Is this the new star wars movie under a cooperative grindcore buyout by labels in opposition of Disney?